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jefbotadn's Journal

All Dysfunctions Normal

All Dysfunctions Normal: a JEFbot Fan Community
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A Fan Community for JEFbot and his characters.
JEFbot is the semiautobiographical webcomic of writer/artist Jeff Schuetze, a multiethnic actor in Hollywood obsessed with movies, videogames, comics, anime, gadgets and most of pop culture in general. The strip is loosely based on these obsessions in addition to his (yes, I’ll say it) crazy family, overbearing roommate, and equally obsessive friends. Fortunately, in jefbot’s world, all dysfunctions are normal. And no, he’s not a robot. As far as we know at this point, anyway.

JEFbot updates every Tuesday and Friday, and can be found here at JEFBOT.com. A print collection of the webcomic will be out mid-2010.

This community is run by DaughterJudy of the Jefbot site comments. :) Be nice to me this is my first community.